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Über uns
Über uns

ikb Institute for communication and intercultural relationship management is a consulting and training firm, which mainly works on the development of personal resources. It is of great concern to us, to increase the social competence and emotional intelligence in these fast and in some cases superficial times.

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business life coaching

Hauser presents a concept for the organization of a coaching discussion, with the RAFAEL method. The special feature of this method is in giving the person being coached enough space for self-exploration. Over the years I have adapted and ...


Belarus Red Cross: Strategic and operational long lasting effects.

The Austrian and Belarus Red Cross have started a project through developmental teamwork "Nursing at home" and help for children with disabilities. A strategic and operational lost lasting effect should be achieved in the next three years. ...


Success in focus of systemic constructivist basics

This is already the second time that this "unusual" seminar has taken place with the Carinthian Sparkasse. At the beginning the specific approach irritated the participants but at the end of the three days this changed to a "A-ha!" ...

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